Hear From Agents Who Have Attended Our Events and FAM Trips

We know that one of the ways to develop our travel agents' knowledge, confidence, and connections is through in-person sessions. There’s no better way to stay up-to-date with products, destinations and the latest travel industry trends. Plus, they truly give our agents the sense that they are part of something bigger – our travel agent family! Check out these travel agent testimonials from actual agents who have attended past educational sessions.


"If you have not attended Boot Camp, it is a must. It has simply changed my mindset in being a better Travel Consultant. I recommend this to all new and current agents (if you need a refresher). I came to Boot Camp with so much anxiety and left feeling very confident and motivated to take my business to the next level. Thank you KHM." 
- Iesha B., Colorado

“As a new agent, I was overwhelmed by the plethora of information on suppliers and processes. Boot Camp was invaluable to me for sorting through all of that information, and now I have the knowledge and tools to have a successful business launch. Plus, meeting all of the KHM staff was awesome... everyone was so helpful, and it was clear they all love what they do.” 
– Kathy L., Tennessee



“Getting to speak with suppliers, some of them new to me, puts KHM heads above all other host agencies. Non-KHM agents are always surprised when I answer their questions about the assistance we receive. Thank you all!” 
– Lia K., Ohio

“It's hard to say what was more fun, meeting dynamic and helpful agents within KHM; or the excitement I had to reach out to my clients about all the new ways, to make their next trip amazing." 
– Stacey S., Illinois



“This was an awesome experience for me, as one that is new to the industry. I meet a lot of travel agents that are willing to help. This is a great opportunity to network. I am very grateful for all the hard work that the team puts into it.” 
– Joel C., Nevada

“Our own personal tradeshow! What a wonderful idea. I want to thank all of KHM Staff for the rockstar weekend. You all did an exemplary job and I truly appreciate all that you do. See you at the next event! I am ready to turn it up a degree.” 
– Dee G., Georgia

“It was just amazing the whole experience, the cruise, the suppliers, KHM staff, and meeting new agents and forming new friendships.!” 
– Mary Jo O., Minnesota

“What a wonderful weekend. There is so much work involved hosting events like this. Thank you KHM for all you do!! Spending time with agents, and one on one conversation with tour suppliers is priceless. So great to put a name to a face.I met so many wonderful people. Can't wait to see you all again! ” 
– Donna C., Ohio

"The training was fantastic! I learned a lot. Glad I was finally able to attend a KHM Travel Group training. Many questions answered, many new friends, lots of interaction and sharing of ideas happened in these two days. Thank you for all you did and making everyone feel so welcome!" 
- Jan R., TN

“Training was great! Thanks to KHM Travel Group and all of the vendors for a wonderful knowledge-filled weekend!" 
- Tenita B., CA

"Amazing time! I can't believe how much I DIDN'T know and how much I DO now! Just finished re-organizing my work space to be much more productive and easy. Now, onto my social media and training. Oh, and just got another networking opportunity! This time I'm offering 2 travel certificates for an animal shelter fundraising auction! You all helped me so much!"
- Mia M., GA

"Returned from the Sandals Mega FAM earlier this week. What an amazing experience. Not only to see and hear about the properties in person, but the advice from the other, experienced agents was phenomenal. I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of these trips if you want to make a go of this business. P.S. I am new, have only had a couple of bookings so far and am doing this part-time from home while working my old job. But if I want to make this my full-time job I need to invest in myself. 
- Donna G., VA

"Training was fantastic and meeting KHM Travel staff, travel agents, and vendors made this a very worthwhile trip! I look forward to future FAMs and other trainings where we get a chance to interact, encourage one another, and have a great time." 
- Tracy W., NE

"We had a wonderful experience on the Norwegian EPIC. It was a great learning experience and a chance to make new friends. You did a marvelous job planning our FAM!" 
– Bud and Patti F., FL

“Fantastic Facebook class! Would love more of the last day training...learned so much." 
- Cathy M., MA

“So glad I got to meet so many wonderful people! Now to find the time to catch up and get crackin' on all the great tips I learned!" 
- Jessica B., NE